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Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. as Zorro

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Guy Williams as Zorro

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1. When did Zorro premiere on TV?

2. Who first portrayed Zorro?

3. What company produced the Zorro TV series?

4. Who played Zorro in 1940?

5. What was Zorro's father's name?

6. What was the name of his manservant?

7. Who did Britt Lomond portray?

8. What were the names of Zorro's horses?

9. What does the Spanish word "zorro" mean in English?

10. Who directed the 1920 movie The Mark of Zorro?

11. Who directed the 1940 movie The Mark of Zorro?

12. Who wrote the musical score for the 1940 film The Mark of Zorro?

13. Who was Tyrone Power's fencing opponent in the 1940 version of The Mark of Zorro?

14. Who played Zorro in a 1974 telefilm?

15. Who portrayed Zorro in a 1961 Spanish-made film?

16. Who played Zorro in a 1975 Italian-French production?

17. Who portrayed Zorro in a 1937 Republic serial?

18. What Zorro film was set in South America?

19. Who did Henry Calvin portray?

20. Who played The Family Channel's Zorro?

21. How many seasons did Disney's Zorro run on ABC?

22. Who portrayed Don Alejandro during the first season of The Family Channel's Zorro?

23. Who played Don Diego de la Vega on Zorro and Son?

24. Who did Jolene Brand play?

25. Who is the newest Zorro?

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Tyrone Power as Zorro

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Antonio Banderas as Zorro

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