Meredy's Yul Brynner Trivia Answers

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1. July 11, 1920

2. Vladivostok, Soviet Union

3. Port of New York

4. Yes

5. Lute Song

6. The Donaldson Award for Most Promising Actor

7. Virginia Gilmore

8. Rock

9. Life with Snarky Parker

10. Russian, French & English

11. Siam

12. A Tony and an Oscar

13. Gertrude Lawrence

14. Ingrid Bergman

15. Pharaoh Rameses

16. Anne Baxter

17. Richard Brooks

18. The Magnificent Seven

19. Chris

20. Taras Bulba

21. Kings of the Sun

22. Villa Rides

23. Westworld

24. His character was a robot.

25. October 10, 1985

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