Yul Brynner's Filmography as:
Actor, Director, Producer, Notable TV guest appearances

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bullet Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood (2001) (TV) (uncredited) .... Himself (Academy Awards telecast footage)
bullet Guns for Hire: The Making of 'The Magnificent Seven' (2000) (TV) (archive footage) .... Himself
bullet Alma Cogan: The Girl with the Giggle In Her Voice (1991) (TV) (archive footage) .... Himself
bullet Lost to the Revolution (1980) (voice) .... Narrator
bullet  Con la rabbia agli occhi (1976) .... Peter Marciani
... aka Anger in His Eyes (1976) (UK)
... aka Death Rage (1976) (USA)
bullet  Indesiderabili, Gli (1976)
bullet  Futureworld (1976) .... Gunslinger/Fantasy Lover
bullet  Ultimate Warrior, The (1975) .... Carson
... aka Last Warrior, The (1975)
bullet  Westworld (1973) .... Robot Gunslinger
bullet  Fuzz (1972) .... The Deaf Man
bullet  Serpent, Le (1972) .... Vlassov
... aka Night Flight from Moscow (1972) (USA: reissue title)
... aka Schlange, Die (1973) (West Germany)
... aka Serpent, The (1972) (USA)
... aka Serpente, Il (1972) (Italy)
bullet  "Anna and the King" (1972) TV Series .... King Mongkut of Siam
bullet  Light at the Edge of the World, The (1971) .... Jonathan Kongre
... aka Luz del fin del mundo, La (1971) (Spain)
bullet  Catlow (1971) .... Catlow
... aka Oro de nadie, El (1971) (Spain)
bullet  Romance of a Horsethief (1971) .... Captain Stoloff
... aka Roman d'un voleur de chevaux, Le (1971) (France)
bullet  Adiós, Sabata (1971) .... Sabata/Indio Black
... aka Adios Sabata (1971) (USA)
... aka Bounty Hunters, The (1971) (UK)
... aka Indio Black (1971)
... aka Indio Black, sai che ti dico... Sei un gran figlio di... (1971) (Italy)
... aka Indio Sabata (1971)
... aka Sabata 2 (1971)
bullet  Bitka na Neretvi (1969) .... Vlado
... aka Battaglia della Neretva, La (1969) (Italy)
... aka Battle of Neretva, The (1969) (USA)
... aka Battle of the River Neretva (1969) (Australia: video title)
... aka Schlacht an der Neretva, Die (1969) (West Germany)
bullet  File of the Golden Goose, The (1969) .... Peter Novak
bullet  Magic Christian, The (1969) (uncredited) .... Transvestite cabaret singer
bullet  Madwoman of Chaillot, The (1969) .... The Chairman
bullet  Villa Rides (1968) .... Pancho Villa
bullet  Long Duel, The (1967) .... Sultan
bullet  Fantastique histoire vraie d'Eddie Chapman, La (1967) .... Baron von Grunen
... aka Triple Cross (1967) (USA)
bullet  Double Man, The (1967) .... Dan Slater/Kalmar
bullet  Return of the Seven (1966) .... Chris Adams
... aka Regreso de los Siete Magníficos, El (1966) (Spain)
... aka Return of the Magnificent Seven (1966) (International: English title)
bullet  Poppies Are Also Flowers (1966) (uncredited) .... Colonel Salem
... aka Danger Grows Wild (1966) (UK)
... aka Opium Connection, The (1966)
... aka Poppy Is Also a Flower, The (1966) (USA)
bullet  Cast a Giant Shadow (1966) .... Asher Gonen
bullet  Morituri (1965) .... Captain Müller
... aka Saboteur, Code Name Morituri, The (1965) (UK)
bullet  Invitation to a Gunfighter (1964) .... Jules Gaspard d'Estaing
bullet  Flight from Ashiya (1964) .... Sergeant Mike Takashima
... aka Ashiya kara no hiko (1964) (Japan)
bullet  Kings of the Sun (1963) .... Chief Black Eagle
bullet  Taras Bulba (1962) .... Taras Bulba
bullet  Escape from Zahrain (1962) .... Sharif
bullet  Goodbye Again (1961) (uncredited) .... Extra in nightclub scene
... aka Aimez-vous Brahms? (1961) (France)
bullet  Magnificent Seven, The (1960) .... Chris Adams
bullet  Surprise Package (1960) .... Nico March
bullet  Testament d'Orphée, Le (1960) (uncredited) .... Cameo apperance (Court usher)
... aka Testament d'Orphée, ou ne me demandez pas pourquoi!, Le (1960)
... aka Testament of Orpheus, The (1960) (USA)
bullet  Once More, with Feeling (1960) .... Victor Fabian
bullet  Solomon and Sheba (1959) .... Solomon
bullet  Sound and the Fury, The (1959) .... Jason Compson
bullet  Journey, The (1959) .... Major Surov
bullet  Buccaneer, The (1958) .... Jean Lafitte
bullet  Brothers Karamazov, The (1958) .... Dmitri Karamazov
... aka Murderer Dmitri Karamazov, The (1958)
bullet  Anastasia (1956) .... Prince Bounine
bullet  Ten Commandments, The (1956) .... Pharaoh Rameses
bullet  King and I, The (1956) .... King Mongkut of Siam
bullet  General Foods Anniversary Show (1954) (TV) .... King Mongkut of Siam (segment "King and I, The") ... aka General Foods Anniversary Special (1954) (TV)
bullet  Port of New York (1949) .... Paul Vicola
bullet  "Mr. and Mrs." (1948) TV Series .... Host
bullet  "Mr. Jones and His Neighbors" (1944) TV Series .... Mr. Jones


bullet "Danger" (1950) TV Series
bullet  "Sure As Fate" (1950) TV Series
bullet  "Life with Snarky Parker" (1950) TV Series ... aka "Snarky Parker" (1950)
bullet  "Studio One" (1948) TV Series
... aka "Studio One Summer Theatre" (1948) (summer title)
... aka "Studio One in Hollywood" (1958) (new title)
... aka "Summer Theatre" (1948) (summer title)
... aka "Westinghouse Studio One" (1948)
... aka "Westinghouse Summer Theatre" (1948) (summer title)
bullet  "Actor's Studio" (1948) TV Series


bullet "Life with Snarky Parker" (1950) TV Series (producer) ... aka "Snarky Parker" (1950)


bullet "Omnibus" (1952) playing "[Francois Villon]" in episode: "Lodging For the Night, A" 3/8/1953
bullet  "Studio One" (1948) in episode: "Flowers from a Stranger" (episode # 2.23) 2/13/1950
bullet  "Studio One" (1948) in episode: "Flowers from a Stranger" (episode # 1.15) 5/25/1949
bullet  "Fireside Theatre" (1949) in episode: "Friend of the Family" 4/5/1949


Yul Brynner Facts


bullet Kathy Lee (1983 - 1985) (his death)
bullet Jacqueline de Croisset (1971 - 1981) (divorced)
bullet Doris Kleiner (1960 - 1967) (divorced)
bullet Virginia Gilmore (1944 - 1960) (divorced)


bullet Completely shaved head.


bullet In 1950, before Brynner achieved fame, he was the director of a children's puppet show on CBS, "Life with Snarky Parker," which barely lasted eight months on the air before cancellation.

bullet Son Yul 'Rock' Brynner II (b. 23 December 1946)

bullet Daughter Lark, born out of wedlock and raised by her mother, (b.1958)

bullet Daughter Victoria Brynner (b. November 1962)

bullet Daughter Mia Brynner (adopted 1974)

bullet Daughter Melody Brynner (adopted 1975)

bullet Interred at Saint Robert Churchyard at the Monastery of Saint Michael, La Tourraine, France.


bullet "People don't know my real self, and they're not about to find out."

bullet "Ordinary mortals need but one birthday."

bullet To interviewers: "Just call me a nice, clean-cut Mongolian boy."

bullet Jean Cocteau: "Yul Brynner must be mad to imagine that he could be Yul Brynner."

bullet Constance Towers loves working and recalls that while appearing in The King And I opposite Yul Brynner "I was very sick with meningitis, and my doctor said I couldn't do the show. I said, I've "got" to go back,' so the doctor came and stood in the wings. When he saw me on stage, he said, "I didn't know she had to do so much. She shouldn't be here'. And Yul said to him, 'You don't understand, this is where we get well'."


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