Meredy's Fay Wray Trivia Answers

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1. September 15, 1907

2. Cardston, Alberta, Canada

3. Vina Fay Wray

4. Utah and California

5. The Coast Patrol

6. WAMPAS Baby Stars

7. The Wedding March

8. The Four Feathers

9. Single Lady - Her co-star was Archie Leach (Cary Grant).

10. Doctor X, The Vampire Bat, Mystery of the Wax Museum, and King Kong

11. The Most Dangerous Game

12. The lights of the Empire State Building were dimmed for 15 minutes in her memory.

13. Willis O'Brien

14. She died and left Adam a widower with fours sons to raise.

15. The Pride of the Family

16. The Cobweb

17. Sue McKinnon

18. Tammy and the Bachelor

19. Three - "The Case Of The Prodigal Parent," "The Case of the Watery Witness," and "The Case of the Fatal Fetish"

20. Gideon's Trumpet

21. "The Queen of Scream" and "Queen of the Bs"

22. On the Other Hand: A Life Story

23. John Monk Saunders (June 15, 1928 - December 12, 1939) (divorced) 1 child, Robert Riskin (August 23, 1942 - September 20, 1955) (his death) 2 children, and Dr. Sanford (Sandy) Rothenberg (August 6, 1971 - January 18, 1991) (his death)

24. Two daughters and one son - Susan Saunders Riskin (b. 1936, adopted 1942), Robert Riskin, Jr. (b. 1943), and Victoria Riskin Rintels (b. 1946)

25. August 8, 2004 in New York City, New York (natural causes)

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