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Richard Widmark

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Richard Widmark

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his birth name?

4. Where did he grow up?

5. He taught acting at what college?

6. He made his radio debut in New York in what show?

7. He made his Broadway debut in what 1943 play?

8. Did he serve in the military?

9. He was Oscar-nominated for his role in his debut film. What's the film's title?

10. What was his character's name in the answer to Question 9?

11. Who portrayed the character that the answer to Question 10 pushed down the stairs?

12. He had a seven year contract with what studio?

13. Who were his co-stars in Road House?

14. He played a bigot in what 1950 film?

15. Who directed Panic in the Streets?

16. He played a pickpocket in what 1953 film?

17. He starred in what famous 1950 war film?

18. He portrayed Spencer Tracy's son in what 1954 western?

19. Who was his female co-star in Tunnel of Love?

20. He's produced three films. Please name them.

21. He was part of an all-star cast in what 1964 western?

22. What character did he portray in The Alamo?

23. He starred in what TV series of the early '70s?

24. How many times was he married?

25. What famous pitcher did his daughter Anne marry?

26. When did he pass away?

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Richard Widmark

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Richard Widmark

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