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1. January 17, 1922

2. Oak Park, Illinois

3. Betty Marion White

4. Her mother was of Greek, English, and Welsh descent, and her father was of Danish and English ancestry.

5. She began her television career in 1939 when she sang songs from The Merry Widow on an experimental Los Angeles channel.

6. The Bliss Hayden Little Theatre

7. The American Women's Voluntary Services

8. The Betty White Show

9. Hollywood on Television

10. Life with Elizabeth

11. Date with the Angels

12. Advise & Consent

13. The Tournament of Roses Parade

14. Password

15. Sardonic, man-hungry Sue Ann Nivens, The Happy Homemaker

16. Mama's Family

17. The Golden Girls

18. The John Larroquette Show

19. Ann Douglas, the long-lost mother of the show's matriarch Stephanie Forrester.

20. Elka Ostrovsky

21. 1974

22. Six wins and 20 Emmy nominations.

23. Dick Barker (1945), Lane Allen (1947-1949), and Allen Ludden (1963-1981; his death)

24. She has no natural children. She was stepmother to Allen Ludden's three children.

25. She doesn't plan on retiring (or dying). :)

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