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Spencer Tracy

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Spencer Tracy

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What his first career choice?

4. What was his first leading role on Broadway?

5. What studio first had him under contract?

6. What studio signed him in 1935?

7. He earned his first Oscar nomination for his role in what movie?

8. Jean Harlow co-starred with him in what movie in 1936?

9. He won his first Oscar for his role in what movie?

10. What child actor was his co-star in the answer to Question 9?

11. He won his second Oscar for his role in what movie?

12. What was his character's name in the answer to Question 11?

13. What year did he make his first movie with Katharine Hepburn?

14. What 1948 film did he make with Hepburn?

15. Who played his daughter in Father of the Bride?

16. Who played his youngest son in Broken Lance?

17. He earned an Oscar nomination for his role in what 1955 movie?

18. He played Robert Wagner's much older brother in what 1956 film?

19. His character's name was Richard Sumner in what 1957 comedy?

20. He played an aging fisherman in what 1958 film?

21. John Ford directed him in what 1958 drama?

22. He portrayed Clarence Darrow in what 1960 film?

23. He narrated what 1962 Western epic?

24. What was his last film?

25. When did he pass away?

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Spencer Tracy

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