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1. What city was the setting for Too Close for Comfort?

2. What television network was it on prior to syndication?

3. What comic book character did Henry draw?

4. What was Muriel's maiden name?

5. What was Monroe's last name?

6. What lifelong career dream did Jackie have?

7. What singles bar did Sara and Jackie frequent?

8. Who was younger: Sara or Jackie?

9. What song did Muriel sing to infant Andrew?

10. What was Henry's best friend's name?

11. What year did the show premiere?

12. What show did Nancy Dussault host with David Hartman?

13. How many Emmy Awards did Ted Knight win for his portrayal of Henry Rush?

14. What kind of clothing did April frequently wear?

15. What was Henry's father's name?

16. What mode of transportation did Muriel use to get to the hospital to give birth to Andrew?

17. Where was Henry's drawing board?

18. Did Henry and Muriel live upstairs or downstairs in their duplex?

19. Who composed the show's theme song?

20. Was Muriel adopted?

21. How many years did the show run?

22. What job did Monroe have when he lived with Henry and Muriel?

23. Where did Henry keep his Cosmic Cow puppet?

24. What type of shirt did Henry often wear?

25. How many years were Henry and Muriel married when she was pregnant with Andrew?

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