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Troy Donahue

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Troy Donahue

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his real name?

4. Where did he attend college?

5. In what film did he debut?

6. He signed with what studio in 1959?

7. What character did he play in Imitation of Life?

8. What actress did he beat to a pulp in Imitation of Life?

9. Who was his first wife?

10. Who played his mother in A Summer Place?

11. Who played his girlfriend in A Summer Place?

12. Who wrote the score for A Summer Place?

13. He appeared on what TV show from 1960-1962?

14. He appeared on what TV show from 1962-1963?

15. Who played opposite him in Susan Slade?

16. What was his character's name in Susan Slade?

17. Who played his mother in Parrish?

18. Three young lovelies pursued him in Parrish. Name the actresses, please.

19. What crop did Parrish grow?

20. Who portrayed his old girlfriend in Rome Adventure?

21. What song played throughout Rome Adventure?

22. Who played his main squeeze in Palm Springs Weekend?

23. He portrayed a cavalry officer in what 1964 film?

24. He played a character named Merle Johnson in what 1974 movie?

25. He appeared in what 1990 Johnny Depp film?

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Troy Donahue

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Troy Donahue

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