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Susan Hayward, born Edythe Marrener in Brooklyn, New York, USA on June 30, 1917, has been a favorite of mine since I first saw her as a child portraying Jane Froman in With a Song in My Heart on "Regis Cordic's Sunday Afternoon at the Movies" on local station WTAE-TV. She exemplified grit with beauty and style. Her determination to succeed at her chosen profession was evident in her characterizations. She frequently played indomitable women with sometimes uncontrollable passions. Her Oscar winning role as prostitute and condemned murderess Barbara Graham in I Want to Live! is a movie not to be missed. It still gives me chills after many, many viewings. Another "Do Not Miss" Hayward flick is her portrayal of alcoholic performer Lillian Roth in I'll Cry Tomorrow. The scenes of Hayward/Roth at the end of her rope are marvelously done.

Jan Remembers Susan

"I loved Susan Hayward when I first saw her in about 1950 or '51 in "Rawhide." I began collecting pictures of her from everywhere I could get them, the movie magazines of that time. I saw everything she made from that point on and then enjoyed the older ones from the 30's and 40's when they began to appear on TV. I've lost count of the times I saw "With A Song In My Heart" and many others.
I followed her career and marrage to Jess Barker, her twin sons, Timothy and Gregory, and cried when she died of a brain tumor.
I colored my hair red as a teenager and wore her style for years, full and with the low part on the side. I practiced her 'walk' and used some of the scenes from her movies in my high school dramas. Especially a scene from Tulsa when she said to Robert Preston, "I don't need you, I don't want you. You go find some scared little girl and tell her what a big, brave man you are." I also learned and sang all the songs from "With A Song In My Heart" starting with, "I saw you last night and got That Old Feelin'."
Yes, I spent my teen years in the 50's loving Susan Hayward."

~~~ Jan Kolb ~~~

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