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James Stewart

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James Stewart

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1. What was James Stewart's full name?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his date of birth?

4. Where did he go to college?

5. What subject did he study?

6. For what movie did he earn his first Academy Award nomination?

7. Who was his co-star in Destry Rides Again?

8. Who was his co-star in Made for Each Other?

9. For what film did he win the Best Actor Oscar?

10. During World War II, he joined the Army Air Corps as a private and ended up as what rank?

11. Did he win any military and/or civilian awards?

12. When he retired from the Air Force in 1968, what rank did he hold?

13. What was the first movie he made after World War II?

14. What Hitchcock movie did he make in 1948?

15. In what movie did he portray a disabled baseball player?

16. Who was his female co-star in Broken Arrow?

17. Who was Elwood P. Dowd's friend?

18. In The Greatest Show on Earth, he played what kind of circus performer?

19. Who was his co-star in Rear Window?

20. What famous bandleader did he portray?

21. What famous song was from the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much?

22. Who was his co-star in Vertigo?

23. He played a country lawyer in what 1959 movie?

24. What movie starred Stewart and June Allyson as an Air Force pilot and his wife?

25. What famous aviator of the 1920s did he portray?

26. When did he pass away?

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James Stewart

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James Stewart

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