Meredy's Jean Simmons Trivia Answers

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1. January 31, 1929

2. Lower Holloway, London, England, UK

3. Fifteen

4. Give Us the Moon

5. Black Narcissus

6. Estella

7. Hamlet

8. Stewart Granger

9. The Blue Lagoon

10. Howard Hughes

11. 20th Century-Fox

12. Androcles and the Lion

13. Robert Mitchum

14. Queen Elizabeth I

15. The Robe

16. Guys and Dolls

17. Jean-Pierre Aumont

18. Julie Maragon

19. Gregory Peck

20. This Earth Is Mine

21. Richard Brooks

22. Elmer Gantry

23. Kirk Douglas

24. A Death in the Family--The movie was titled All the Way Home.

25. The Happy Ending

26. January 22, 2010 in Santa Monica, California (lung cancer)

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Meredy's Jean Simmons Trivia Mania


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