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Elizabeth Montgomery

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Elizabeth Montgomery

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1. What famous television series did she star in?

2. Who was her famous father?

3. On what network was Bewitched shown?

4. How many seasons did it run?

5. What was her character's name?

6. Name Sam's husband, children and mother, please.

7. What was the Stephens' address?

8. What were the names of their neighbors across the street?

9. Who was Darrin's boss?

10. Where did Darrin work?

11. Who was Sam's lookalike cousin?

12. Who did Paul Lynde play?

13. Who did Maurice Evans play?

14. Louise Tate was played by two different actresses. Please name them.

15. Darrin Stephens was played by two different actors. Please name them.

16. Who played Aunt Clara?

17. What was the name of the "witch" doctor?

18. Who was Ms. Montgomery's husband during the time Bewitched was being made?

19. How many children did Ms. Montgomery have?

20. She was in a remake of what Bette Davis tearjerker?

21. Who was her longtime significant other?

22. She played what famous ax murderess?

23. In what TV movie did she play Dale Midkiff's mother?

24. Who was her co-star in Dark Victory?

25. When did she pass away?

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Elizabeth Montgomery

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Elizabeth Montgomery

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