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1. November 11, 1909

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Robert Bushnell Ryan

4. Dartmouth College

5. He was on the boxing team and posted a 5-0 (3 knockouts) record.

6. The Ghost Breakers and Queen of the Mob

7. Bombardier

8. Tender Comrade

9. Ryan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served as a drill instructor at Camp Pendleton.

10. Richard Brooks

11. Crossfire - He was Oscar-nominated.

12. The Set-Up

13. Joan Fontaine

14. On Dangerous Ground

15. The Naked Spur

16. House of Bamboo

17. Bad Day at Black Rock

18. Odds Against Tomorrow

19. Ice Palace

20. Deke Thornton

21. Ryan was a liberal Democrat who tirelessly supported civil rights issues.

22. The Iceman Cometh

23. Jessica Cadwalader (March 11, 1939 - 1972) (her death)

24. Two sons and one daughter - Walker Ryan (b. April 13, 1946), Cheyney Ryan (b. March 10, 1948) and Lisa Ryan (b. September 10, 1951)

25. July 11, 1973 in New York City, New York (lung cancer)

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