Meredy's Robert Taylor Trivia Answers

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1. August 5, 1911

2. Filley, Nebraska

3. Spangler Arlington Brugh

4. The Man With the Perfect Profile

5. Music and medicine

6. Handy Andy

7. Magnificent Obsession

8. Eleanor Powell

9. Camille

10. A Yank at Oxford

11. Barbara Stanwyck

12. Vivien Leigh

13. Billy the Kid

14. Johnny Eager

15. Bataan

16. Undercurrent

17. High Wall

18. The Bribe

19. Quo Vadis?

20. Ivanhoe

21. Dana Wynter

22. The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor

23. Death Valley Days

24. Ursula Thiess

25. He died June 8, 1969 in Santa Monica, California (lung cancer).

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