Meredy's Basil Rathbone Trivia Answers

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1. June 13, 1892

2. Johannesburg, South African Republic

3. Philip St. John Basil Rathbone

4. He served in the London Scottish Regiment and later the Liverpool Scottish Regiment (achieving rank of lieutenant) during World War I.

5. His cousin, the esteemed Frank Benson.

6. Innocent

7. The Czarina

8. Eva Le Gallienne

9. The Last of Mrs. Cheyney

10. Mr. Murdstone in David Copperfield, Karenin in Anna Karenina, Pontius Pilate in The Last Days of Pompeii, Levasseur in Captain Blood, and Marquis St. Evremonde in A Tale of Two Cities

11. Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet

12. The Garden of Allah

13. Sir Guy of Gisbourne

14. If I Were King

15. Son of Frankenstein

16. The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

17. The Mark of Zorro

18. Frenchman's Creek

19. Dressed to Kill

20. The unyielding Dr. Austin Sloper in the original production of The Heiress.

21. The Last Hurrah

22. In and Out of Character

23. Ethel Marion Foreman (October 13, 1914 - 1926) (divorced) 1 child and Ouida Bergère (April 18, 1926 - July 21, 1967) (his death) 1 adopted child

24. One son and one adopted daughter - Basil Rodion Rathbone a.k.a. John Rodion (b. July 21, 1915 - d. August 22, 1996) and Cynthia Rathbone (b. 1939 - d. 1969)

25. July 21, 1967 in New York City, New York (heart attack)

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