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Basil Rathbone

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Basil Rathbone

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his birth name?

4. Did he serve during World War I?

5. Following World War I, he joined the Shakespeare company at Stratford-upon-Avon that was founded by what man?

6. He made his movie debut in what 1921 British silent feature?

7. He made his Broadway bow in 1922 in what play?

8. He starred on Broadway in The Swan opposite what actress?

9. He made his talkie debut with Norma Shearer in what movie?

10. Please name five outstanding parts he played in 1935?

11. In 1936, he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for what role?

12. In 1936, he had a featured role in what Technicolor film?

13. What was the name of the villainous character he portrayed in The Adventures of Robin Hood?

14. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in what 1938 film?

15. At the beginning of 1939, Rathbone replaced Colin Clive as the mad doctor in residence in what film?

16. He played Sherlock Holmes twice in 1939. What are titles of the films?

17. He crossed swords with Tyrone Power in what popular 1940 swashbuckler?

18. In 1944, he once again displayed his flair for scoundrels as the ill-fated Lord Rockingham in what drama?

19. In 1946, he appeared as Sherlock Holmes in a feature film for the last time in what movie?

20. In 1948, he won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for his performance as what character?

21. He played powerful banker Norman Cass in what 1958 movie?

22. What is the title of his autobiography?

23. Please name his two wives.

24. How many children did he have?

25. When did he pass away?

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Basil Rathbone

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Basil Rathbone

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