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1. January 12, 1910

2. Düsseldorf, Germany

3. "The Viennese Teardrop"

4. She was the first thespian to win back-to-back Oscars.

5. Max Reinhardt

6. Vienna, Austria

7. When Adolf Hitler took power.

8. MGM

9. Escapade

10. William Powell

11. Clifford Odets

12. The Great Ziegfeld

13. Most observers agree that Rainer won her Oscar as the result of her moving and poignant performance in just one, single scene in the picture, the famous telephone scene in which the broken-hearted Held congratulates Ziegfeld over the telephone on his upcoming marriage to Billie Burke while trying to retain her composure and her dignity.

14. The Good Earth

15. She was a non-conformist to the MGM star system. She often paraded around Hollywood untidily dressed, usually with no make-up and wearing pants.

16. Yes, she was. In the early Academy Awards ceremonies, the winners were announced beforehand in the newspapers. A team of MGM staff arrived at her house and made her dress in appropriate evening wear, and rushed her to the show - just in time.

17. Robert Knittel, a New York publisher.

18. Robert Knittel and she had a daughter, Francesca.

19. La Dolce Vita

20. Two nominations - two wins

21. 30

22. No

23. A real-life person

24. Olivia de Havilland

25. Rainier now lives in a luxurious flat in Eaton Square in the Belgravia district of London, in a building where Vivien Leigh once lived.

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