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Luise Rainer

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Luise Rainer

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her nickname?

4. She was the first thespian to perform what Oscar feat?

5. As a young actress, she was discovered by what legendary theater director?

6. She became part of his company in what city?

7. When did she terminate her European career?

8. What studio offered her a seven-year contract?

9. In what film did she make her American debut?

10. Who was her co-star in Escapade?

11. Who was her first husband?

12. She won her first Oscar for her role in what film?

13. What famous scene did she play in The Great Ziegfeld?

14. She won her second Oscar for her role in what film?

15. What cost Ms. Rainer her contract with MGM in the late 1930s?

16. Was she forced to attend the Academy Awards ceremony by Louis B. Mayer to receive her Oscar?

17. Who was her second husband?

18. Did she have children?

19. Federico Fellini offered her a part in what 1960 film?

20. She was the first actor to achieve the perfect Oscar track record. What's the record?

21. She was the first person to achieve double Oscars before turning what age?

22. Has any other German actress won an Oscar?

23. She was the first actress to win an Academy Award for portraying what?

24. She attended the 75th Academy Awards and appeared in the Oscar winner tribute sequence introduced by whom?

25. Where does she live now?

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Luise Rainer

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Luise Rainer

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