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Polly Bergen

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Polly Bergen

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What is her real name?

4. She appeared in 1951's That's My Boy with what stars?

5. She was a panelist on what famous game show?

6. She was also known for what talent?

7. She had a big hit with what song?

8. She had her own TV show named what?

9. She won an Emmy Award for her portrayal of what entertainer?

10. The Helen Morgan Story was presented on what TV program?

11. She was the spokeswoman for what soft drink?

12. She played Gregory Peck's wife in what movie?

13. She played a patient in a mental hospital in what film?

14. She portrayed the first female President in what 1964 comedy?

15. Who played her husband in the answer to Question 14?

16. Who was her first husband?

17. She played what character in Move Over, Darling?

18. Move Over, Darling was a remake of what 1940 film?

19. Who were her co-stars in Move Over, Darling?

20. Gene Kelly directed her in what 1967 comedy?

21. She portrayed what character in Winds of War & War and Remembrance?

22. Who wrote Winds of War & War and Remembrance?

23. She had a part in what Johnny Depp movie?

24. She portrayed the mother of a woman dying of scleroderma in a telefilm. Who played her daughter?

25. She was a spokeswoman for what cosmetics firm?

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Polly Bergen

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Polly Bergen

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