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PB - Winds of War PB - Cape Fear PB album cover PB album cover
PB - Fuller Brush catalog PB album cover PB PB
PB - Family Circle, January, 1958 PB - Singer PB - paper dolls PB - mirror
PB and cast in For Hope PB book cover PB album cover PB in For Hope
PB star card PB TV Guide cover PB in The Caretakers PB TV Guide cover
PB album cover PB PB's autograph Dean Martin and PB
PB and Robert Stack in The Caretakers PB 45 PB PB Christmas card
PB - cabochon turtle Cape Fear video box PB and Lori Martin in Cape Fear PB and Robert Stack in The Caretakers
The Caretakers video box PB album cover PB - '50s movie magazine PB - early '60s movie magazine with daughter P.K. and son Peter
PB and daughter P.K. PB's Tortue cologne The Caretakers lobby card with PB and Robert Stack The Winds of War poster
Belle Sommers lobby card PB PB PB Turtle soap dish
PB - For Hope - scleroderma ad for The Polly bergen book of Beauty, Fashion and Charm PB - my best beauty secret PB in sweater and skirt
TV make-up tips PB October 1, 1967 - Turtle Oil Tycoon PB in blue silk dress
excerpt from PB's book I'd Love To, But What'll I Wear? PB - Not For Women Only PB and Jeff Endervelt Polly Wanna Vodka? - Smirnoff ad
PB in Singer ad PB in blue ruffled gown PB in July 1957 Redbook PB and Jeff Endervelt
PB - Singer Polly Wanna Vodka? Smirnoff ad PB 1972 in red hat PB watching P.K. in tub
PB PB - The Polly Bergen Company ad PB and ??? - The Polly Bergen Company ad PB at her desk, trademark glasses in hand
PB on a talk show PB - Singer ad PB on romance and dating Polly's Principles
PB - Brady's Bits PB PB and Paul Burke in An Echo of Theresa a.k.a. Anatomy of Terror PB and daughter P.K.


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