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Gregory Peck

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Gregory Peck

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his real name?

4. What subject did he study in college?

5. What year did he make his Hollywood debut?

6. He earned his first Oscar nomination for his role in what film?

7. Who played his wife in The Yearling?

8. He portrayed a mentally disturbed man in what 1945 movie?

9. What was his character's name in Duel in the Sun?

10. Who played opposite him in Duel in the Sun?

11. In Gentleman's Agreement, he portrayed a reporter uncovering what?

12. What Hitchcock film did he star in in 1948?

13. He earned a fourth Oscar nomination for his role in Twelve O'Clock High playing what type of character?

14. He played a hired killer in what movie?

15. He won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in what film?

16. Who played his love interest in Roman Holiday?

17. He played an ad executive in what movie?

18. What character did he portray in Moby Dick?

19. Who played opposite him in Designing Woman?

20. In what film did he play F. Scott Fitzgerald?

21. What was his character's name in To Kill a Mockingbird?

22. Who played his wife in 1962's Cape Fear?

23. He starred as an amnesiac in what movie?

24. He played opposite Sophia Loren in what 1966 film?

25. What year did he receive the AFI Life Achievement Award?

26. When did he pass away?

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Gregory Peck

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