Meredy's Kim Novak Trivia Answers

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1. February 13, 1933

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Marilyn Pauline Novak

4. Modeling teen fashions

5. Miss Deepfreeze

6. The French Line

7. Columbia Pictures

8. Marilyn Monroe

9. Kit Marlowe

10. Fred MacMurray

11. Phffft!

12. Kay Greylek

13. Picnic

14. The Man with the Golden Arm

15. The Eddy Duchin Story

16. Pal Joey

17. Vertigo

18. Judy Barton and Madeleine Elster

19. A witch

20. Kirk Douglas

21. Of Human Bondage

22. Yes, twice - Richard Johnson and Dr. Robert Malloy

23. No

24. Horses and llamas

25. She watched her memento-filled house in Eagle Point, Oregon, go up in flames.

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Meredy's Kim Novak Trivia Mania


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