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David Niven

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his birth name?

4. After graduating from the Royal Military College at Sandhurst in 1930, he was assigned to what regiment?

5. In 1933, he grew bored with the dull routine of military life, resigned his commission and ended up in New York City. What kind of work did he do?

6. In 1934, he moved to Hollywood and worked as movie extra, eventually coming to the attention of what producer?

7. He had his first speaking part in what 1935 movie?

8. He played Captain Clyde Lockert in what 1936 William Wyler film?

9. He was loaned out to 20th Century-Fox for his first leading role in what movie?

10. His first major success came as the pilot buddy of Errol Flynn in what Edmund Goulding film?

11. What character did he play in Wuthering Heights?

12. Who was his female co-star in Bachelor Mother?

13. After Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, Niven returned home and re-joined the Army. At the end of the war, what rank did he hold?

14. How did his first wife, Primula Susan Rollo Niven, die?

15. What was his first post-war film?

16. He portrayed Bishop Henry Brougham in what 1947 movie?

17. Who were the four stars of Four Star Productions?

18. He won a Golden Globe Award for his work in what 1953 film?

19. He gained true stardom as Phileas Fogg in what Best Picture winner?

20. He won the Best Actor Oscar for his turn as an elderly disgraced military officer in what movie?

21. He starred as Sir Charles Litton alongside Peter Sellers in what 1964 Blake Edwards film?

22. What are the titles of his two autobiographies?

23. Please name his two wives.

24. How many children did he have?

25. When did he pass away?

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David Niven

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David Niven

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