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1. January 3, 1897

2. Lipno, Poland, Russian Empire (now Lipno, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland)

3. Barbara Apollonia Chalupiec

4. The Imperial Ballet Academy of Warsaw

5. The Warsaw Imperial Academy of Dramatic Arts

6. Berlin, Germany

7. Ernst Lubitsch

8. Die Augen der Mumie Ma (The Eyes of the Mummy or The Eyes of the Mummy Ma)

9. Carmen a.k.a. Gypsy Blood

10. Madame DuBarry a.k.a. Passion

11. Sumurun (One Arabian Night), Die Bergkatze (The Mountain Cat or The Wildcat), and Die Flamme (The Flame)

12. Paramount Pictures

13. Bella Donna

14. Red painted toenails, fur boots, and turbans

15. Charlie Chaplin, Rod La Rocque, and Rudolph Valentino

16. Negri caused a media sensation at Valentino's New York funeral on August 24, 1926, at which she "fainted" several times, and, according to actor Ben Lyon, arranged for a large floral arrangement, which spelled out "P-O-L-A," to be placed on Valentino's coffin.

17. The Spanish Dancer

18. Catherine the Great

19. "Paradise"

20. Madame Bovary

21. Hi Diddle Diddle

22. The Moon-Spinners

23. Count Eugeniusz Dambski (November 5, 1919 - 1922) (divorced) and Prince Serge Mdivani (May 14, 1927 - April 2, 1931) (divorced)

24. None

25. August 1, 1987 in San Antonio, Texas (pneumonia)

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