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Pola Negri

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Pola Negri

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her birth name?

4. Where did she study ballet before tuberculosis forced her to stop dancing?

5. Where did she study acting?

6. Negri's popularity in Poland provided her with an opportunity to move where?

7. What actor, screenwriter, producer, and film director did she meet after her move?

8. What was the first collaboration between Lubitsch and Negri?

9. What was the second collaboration between Lubitsch and Negri?

10. Emil Jannings played Louis XV and she played the title character in what 1919 film?

11. Lubitsch and Negri made three more German films together. Please name them.

12. She was the first ever Continental star to be imported into Hollywood. What studio brought her to America?

13. What was her first Hollywood film?

14. While in Hollywood, she started several ladies' fashion trends, some of which are still fashion staples today, including what three things?

15. After Negri began working in the United States, she began making headlines and gossip columns with a string of celebrity love affairs, most notably with what three film stars?

16. She caused a media sensation at Rudolph Valentino's funeral. What did she do?

17. She starred with Antonio Moreno and Wallace Beery in what 1923 silent costume epic?

18. Who did she portray in Forbidden Paradise?

19. Her rendition of what song, the centerpiece of A Woman Commands, became a sizable hit in sheet music format?

20. What was her only German sound film to be shown in the United States?

21. She played Genya Smetana in what 1943 comedy?

22. What was her final film?

23. Please name her two husbands.

24. How many children did she have?

25. When did she pass away?

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Pola Negri

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Pola Negri

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