Meredy's Anna Neagle Trivia Answers

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1. October 20, 1904

2. Forest Gate, London, England, UK

3. Florence Marjorie Robertson

4. She was 14.

5. Those Who Love

6. The Chinese Bungalow

7. Stand Up and Sing

8. Herbert Wilcox

9. Goodnight, Vienna

10. "I'll See You Again"

11. Nell Gwyn

12. "I have seen few things more attractive than Miss Neagle in breeches."

13. Peg Woffington

14. The Three Maxims

15. Victoria the Great

16. Sixty Glorious Years

17. Nurse Edith Cavell

18. "Alice Blue Gown"

19. "Tea for Two"

20. Amy Johnson

21. Florence Nightingale

22. Charlie Girl

23. Herbert Wilcox (August 9, 1943 - May 15, 1977) (his death)

24. None

25. June 3, 1986 in West Byfleet, Surrey, England, UK (complications of renal disease and cancer)

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