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Paul Muni

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Paul Muni

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his birth name?

4. What was the profession of his parents?

5. When did he come to the U.S.?

6. During his teen years he was recruited by what famous theater group?

7. How old was he when he first performed in English?

8. He made his Broadway debut in what play?

9. He scored a hit with his portrayal of a gangster in what Broadway production?

10. What film studio signed him in 1929?

11. What was the title of his first film?

12. What film did he make for Howard Hughes?

13. When did he sign a long-term contract with Warner Brothers?

14. What was his first film for Warner Brothers?

15. He starred in a trio of biopics. Who did he portray in these films?

16. He won an Oscar for his performance in what film?

17. He starred as a Chinese peasant in what 1937 film?

18. He was Oscar-nominated for his part in what 1937 film?

19. In We Are Not Alone, he portrayed what type of professional?

20. He played Chopin's mentor in what 1945 film?

21. He starred with Claude Rains and Anne Baxter in what 1946 film?

22. He won a Tony Award for his role in what 1955 Broadway production?

23. What was his last film?

24. Did he have a long marriage?

25. When did he pass away?

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Paul Muni

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Paul Muni

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