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1. Who portrayed the Virgin Mary in The Song of Bernadette (1943)?

2. Who played the shrewd publicist who promoted small-town boy Elvis Presley into a singing star in Loving You?

3. What song did Anna and the King dance to in The King and I?

4. Who played Theron Hunnicutt in Home from the Hill (1960)?

5. "It was a typical wedding: enemies of the bride on the right, enemies of the groom on the left." What character made that statement?

6. Before the release of Gone with the Wind, Louis B. Mayer famously made what statement?

7. In what classic film can you watch George Brent land an airplane?

8. What classic actress started out life as Mary Frances Reynolds?

9. What classic film is shown every Easter on ABC?

10. What classic actor was offered the role of Judah Ben-Hur but turned it down because he said he didn't have the legs to wear a tunic?

11. Who played Jesus in the 1961 version of King of Kings?

12. Judy Garland played Hannah Brown in what film?

13. What does Dolores Hart do now?

14. What was the title of the song Hayley Mills sang in The Parent Trap?

15. What film's screenplay was first on the Writers Guild of America (WGA) 101 Greatest Screenplays list?

16. What film featured a scarred Gloria Grahame?

17. What was Judy Garland's last film for MGM?

18. What classic films features Messala as a character?

19. What classic film features Birdie Coonan as a character?

20. What classic film features Judith Traherne as a character?

21. What classic film features Colonel Haki as a character?

22. Who portrayed Aunt Pittypat in Gone with the Wind (1939)?

23. What classic actress said, "I've played Henry Fonda's mother so often that whenever we run into each other I call him 'Son' and he calls me 'Ma' just to save time."?

24. What classic actress once said, "I've got everything Betty Grable has...only I've had it longer."?

25. Humphrey Bogart named his daughter in memory of what classic actor?

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26. Agnes Moorehead made her film debut in what movie?

27. Dick Cavett was married to what classic actress?

28. What nickname did Marlene Dietrich give Errol Flynn?

29. What classic actor's daughter almost fell victim to the Hillside Stranglers?

30. Who was originally meant to play Deborah Kerr's role in From Here to Eternity (1953)?

31. How many films did Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon make together?

32. Winston Churchill once said that this film did more for the war effort than a flotilla of destroyers. What's the film's title?

33. What character said the following? "I thought I heard you saying it was a pity... pity I never had any children. But you're wrong. I have. Thousands of them. Thousands of them... and all boys."

34. Yvonne De Carlo took the part of "Lily" on The Munsters to help pay husband Bob Morgan's medical bills. What classic film-related incident happened to her husband?

35. What was John Wayne's first film in CinemaScope?

36. Fred Astaire's wife died during the filming of what movie?

37. What famous fashion designer was married to Gene Tierney?

38. What classic actress and her son were aboard the Andrea Doria when it sank?

39. What film is a tuneful account of the life of Ernest R. Ball?

40. What film is about the life of Irish tenor Chauncey Olcott?

41. Who is Maurice W. Elias?

42. Louis Armstrong described his mellow voice as "like gold being poured out of a cup." Who's the singer?

43. Who danced with Fred Astaire on his TV specials?

44. Who is Francesca Marlene von Gerber?

45. Who was cast as the man stranded on a tropical island with Marilyn Monroe in her final unfinished film Something's Got to Give (1962)?

46. Who was Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso?

47. What did William Holden send Barbara Stanwyck every April 1, marking the anniversary of the first day of filming of Golden Boy?

48. Who were the founders of the famous Mercury Theatre Players?

49. Dr. Miles J. Bennell was a character in what classic film?

50. Who were the four movie stars of Four Star Television?

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51. Movie quote: "Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time." The quote is from what film?

52. What classic actress is Amanda Plummer's godmother?

53. What classic actress is the aunt of the Culkin kids of film fame?

54. Louise Beavers was a servant to what silent film star?

55. From 1956-60, Don Knotts cemented his reputation on NBC's The Steve Allen Show, where he played what character?

56. Darren McGavin starred in what cult TV series of the '70s?

57. In 1989, the U.S. Congress named what classic dancer's birth date as National Tap Dancing Day?

58. Who starred in The Last Brickmaker in America?

59. What classic actress had the nickname Sweet Mama Stringbean?

60. What famous African-American actress was honored with a postage stamp in 2006?

61. In 1959's Imitation of Life, who sang at Annie Johnson's funeral?

62. Who portrayed President Abraham Lincoln on The Time Tunnel?

63. Who portrayed President George Washington on Bewitched?

64. Susan Hayward portrayed Rachel Donaldson in what film?

65. In Good Morning, Miss Dove (1955), who played Miss Dove?

66. Olympic figure skater Carol Heiss starred with what famous comedians?

67. Marilyn Hassett portrayed what famous skier?

68. In Carousel (1956), who portrayed Louise's "Starlight Carnival" dancing partner?

69. What hearing-impaired performer became a prime force in bringing sign language and closed captioning to TV?

70. What sexy '60s blonde is also an anthropologist?

71. What classic actress said the following? "You have to be smart to play a dumb blonde over and over and keep the audience's attention without extraordinary physical equipment."

72. How many acting Bennett sisters were there?

73. How many times did Tommy Kirk play Kevin Corcoran's brother?

74. How many times did Dorothy McGuire play Kevin Corcoran's mother?

75. Joseph Cotten played Jim Osborne in what classic film?

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76. What actor began life as Arthur Andrew Kelm?

77. What actor began life as Robert Ozell Moseley?

78. Lex Barker was a direct descendant of the founder of what New England state?

79. Who was King Donovan's famous wife?

80. Jean Peters won a trip to Hollywood in 1946 as a prize for winning what title?

81. What classic film character sang the following lyrics? "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage. I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two."

82. What classic star's birth name was Zelma Kathryn Elisabeth Hedrick?

83. Anne Shirley changed her stage name from Dawn O'Day to Anne Shirley after playing the lead character in what classic film?

84. Who was the Universal Studios equivalent of Marilyn Monroe?

85. What classic actor's most famous on-screen persona was called simply "Glasses Character," a hapless fellow continually in peril?

86. In 1914, what classic actor was the winner of a fat baby contest? (Its judge, former President William H. Taft, thought the baby was as fat as he was).

87. What classic actor placed sixth in the 1948 Olympic trials in the decathlon?

88. What classic actor was Gene Kelly's understudy in the Broadway production of Pal Joey?

89. Prior to the casting of Elizabeth Taylor, what blonde actresses were considered for the role of Maggie in 1958's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

90. Who was the first African-American woman to grace the cover of Life magazine?

91. What was the name of Shelley Winters' character in The Poseidon Adventure (1972)?

92. Lucille Ball felt that she didn't deserve the title of "Queen of Comedy." Who did she think deserved the title?

93. What classic actress said the following? "When Clark Gable kissed me, they had to carry me off the set."

94. Please complete the following quote with the name of a classic actor. "Don't step on it; it might be ___ ______!"

95. What song was played at Ingrid Bergman's funeral?

96. How many minutes does the ballet sequence in An American in Paris last?

97. What did Jean Arthur do after she retired from films?

98. Who was Cary Grant's favorite male singer?

99. What classic actor was seriously considered for what became Marlon Brando's role in The Godfather (1972)?

100. Where is the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Film Theater located?

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