Meredy's Montgomery Clift Trivia Answers

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1. October 17, 1920

2. Omaha, Nebraska

3. Edward Montgomery Clift

4. Fourteen

5. The Skin of Our Teeth

6. There Shall Be No Night

7. Red River

8. The Search

9. The Heiress

10. Cornell Borchers

11. A Place in the Sun

12. Elizabeth Taylor

13. Shelley Winters

14. From Here to Eternity

15. Robert E. Lee Prewitt

16. I Confess

17. Jennifer Jones

18. Raintree County

19. Yes, his face was permanently scarred and partially paralyzed.

20. Marlon Brando

21. Suddenly, Last Summer

22. Judgment at Nuremberg

23. The Misfits

24. Freud

25. July 23, 1966

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