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Herbert Marshall

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Herbert Marshall

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his birth name?

4. Where did he go to college?

5. After college, he worked for a time in what profession?

6. During World War I, he served in the London Scottish Regiment with what fellow actors?

7. What body part did he lose during the World War I?

8. What year did his stage debut take place?

9. He made only one silent film. What's the film's title?

10. He made his sound and American film debut in what 1929 movie?

11. Who played his wife in Blonde Venus?

12. What 1932 film, directed by Ernst Lubitsch, the master of sophisticated comedy, starred Marshall, Miriam Hopkins, and Kay Francis?

13. In what 1934 film was he directed by Cecil B. DeMille?

14. Who were his two co-stars in The Dark Angel?

15. Who directed him in Foreign Correspondent?

16. What part did he play in the 1940 version of The Letter?

17. He portrayed the dying Horace Giddens in what 1941 film?

18. Marshall played the Somerset Maugham character in what two films made in 1943 and 1946?

19. He starred in what espionage radio drama which aired on CBS and NBC from July 10, 1944 to May 20, 1952?

20. What part did he play in 1949's The Secret Garden?

21. What was his character's name in The Fly?

22. What was his last film?

23. Please name his five wives.

24. How many children did he have?

25. When did he pass away?

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Herbert Marshall

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Herbert Marshall

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