Meredy's Fred MacMurray Trivia Answers

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1. August 30, 1908

2. Kankakee, Illinois

3. Frederick Martin MacMurray

4. Bud

5. 6 feet 3 inches

6. Saxophone

7. Captain Marvel

8. The California Collegians

9. Paramount

10. Trail of the Lonesome Pine

11. Carole Lombard

12. Double Indemnity

13. He was a crooked insurance salesman.

14. Murder, He Says

15. Captain Eddie

16. The Egg and I

17. Valli

18. The Caine Mutiny

19. The Shaggy Dog

20. The Apartment

21. Kisses for My President

22. 12 years

23. Lillian Lamont and June Haver

24. Susan and Robert by Lillian Lamont and adopted children Kathryn and Laurie with June Haver

25. November 5, 1991 (pneumonia and cancer)

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