Meredy's Carole Lombard Trivia Answers

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1. Jane Alice Peters

2. Fort Wayne, Indiana

3. "He called her The Profane Angel. She looked like an angel and swore like a sailor."

4. The Perfect Crime

5. She sustained a large gash to her left cheek.

6. Screwball comedies

7. William Powell

8. Clark Gable

9. No Man of Her Own

10. My Man Godfrey

11. Hazel Flagg

12. Made for Each Other

13. Alfred Hitchcock

14. To Be or Not to Be

15. 1939

16. Ma and Pa

17. Yes, in Bolero

18. Fred MacMurray

19. John Barrymore

20. Elizabeth Montgomery

21. She died in a plane crash.

22. War Bonds

23. Her mother

24. Franklin D. Roosevelt

25. Jill Clayburgh

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