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Carole Lombard

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Carole Lombard

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1. What was her real name?

2. Where was she born?

3. What did director Mitchell Leisen call her?

4. What was the name of the first movie she appeared in?

5. What injury did she sustain in a car accident in 1925?

6. What kind of comedies were her specialty?

7. Who was her first husband?

8. Who was her second husband?

9. In what movie did she star with Clark Gable?

10. She was Oscar-nominated for what 1936 film?

11. What was her character's name in Nothing Sacred?

12. In what film did she star with James Stewart?

13. Who directed Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

14. What was her last film?

15. What year did she marry Clark Gable?

16. What did Gable and Lombard call each other?

17. Did she ever star opposite George Raft?

18. Who was her co-star in True Confession?

19. Who did she credit with her success in the movie Twentieth Century?

20. Who was the daughter of her co-star in Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

21. How did she pass away?

22. What was she selling for the war effort?

23. What close relative was also killed in the crash?

24. What President of the United States awarded her a medal?

25. Who played her in a 1976 biopic?

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Carole Lombard

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Carole Lombard

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