Meredy's Vivien Leigh Trivia Answers

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1. November 5, 1913

2. Darjeeling, India

3. Vivian Mary Hartley

4. 1934

5. Things Are Looking Up

6. Laurence Olivier

7. Fire Over England

8. 1940

9. Robert Taylor

10. Scarlett in Gone with the Wind

11. Yes, Best Actress

12. Waterloo Bridge

13. That Hamilton Woman

14. The affair between Admiral Lord Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton

15. Tuberculosis

16. Cleopatra

17. George Bernard Shaw

18. Ralph Richardson

19. A Streetcar Named Desire

20. Marlon Brando

21. Blanche Dubois

22. Kenneth More

23. Warren Beatty

24. Ship of Fools

25. July 8, 1967

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