Meredy's Hope Lange Trivia Answers

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1. November 28, 1933

2. Redding, Connecticut

3. Hope Elise Ross Lange

4. Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.

5. Life, Laughter and Tears

6. The Patriots

7. Eleanor Roosevelt's Fala

8. She was wearing the "Man from Mars" Radio Hat. This portable radio built into a pith helmet was a sensation in 1949. (Click here to see a photo of her wearing the hat.)

9. Bus Stop

10. The True Story of Jesse James

11. Peyton Place

12. The Young Lions and In Love and War

13. The Best of Everything

14. Wild in the Country

15. Pocketful of Miracles and Love Is a Ball

16. The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

17. The New Dick Van Dyke Show

18. That Certain Summer

19. She was beaten to death.

20. I Love You... Goodbye

21. Robert Reed

22. Same Time, Next Year

23. Don Murray (April 14, 1956 - July 7, 1961) (divorced) 2 children, Alan J. Pakula (October 19, 1963 - July 26, 1971) (divorced), and Charles Hollerith, Jr. (January 29, 1986 - December 19, 2003) (her death)

24. One son and one daughter - Christopher Murray (b. April 12, 1956) and Patricia Murray (b. February 1, 1958)

25. December 19, 2003 in Santa Monica, California (ischemic colitis)

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