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Kirk Douglas

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I found another great celebrity quiz over at one of the bingo sites named butlers bingo my friend frequently contributes to.
They have lots of fun quizzes and celebrity giveaways.

Kirk Douglas

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his real name?

4. Who was his classmate in acting school?

5. Did he serve during World War II?

6. He debuted in what film?

7. He had an important role in what 1949 movie directed by Joseph Mankiewicz?

8. He hit the top as a boxer in what 1949 film?

9. He had a role in what 1950 filmization of a Tennessee Williams play?

10. He played a tough cop in what 1951 movie?

11. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in what 1952 film?

12. He sang in what 1954 movie?

13. What famous artist did he portray in Lust for Life?

14. Who did he play in 1957's Gunfight at the O.K. Corral?

15. What was the name of his production company?

16. He had the title role in what 1960 film?

17. Who wrote the script for Spartacus?

18. Who played his wife in Spartacus?

19. Who sang the theme song to Town Without Pity?

20. What did his character do to redeem himself in the film In Harm's Way?

21. He was cast opposite John Wayne in what 1967 movie?

22. He played a dual role in what 1982 Aussie Western?

23. How many sons does he have?

24. What year did he win the AFI's Life Achievement Award?

25. He has a second career as a what?

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Kirk Douglas

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Kirk Douglas

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