Meredy's June Lockhart Trivia Answers

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So you've decided to cheat and take a look at the answers?

OK, spoil the fun and read the answers below!

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1. Maureen Robinson

2. June 25, 1925

3. Ruth Martin

4. Dr. Janet Craig

5. A Christmas Carol

6. Canada

7. Sergeant York

8. Meet Me in St. Louis

9. The Ghost of Moby Dick

10. Anne and June

11. Battlestar Galactica

12. Biochemistry

13. Timmy

14. Jon Provost

15. Hugh Reilly

16. Greensleeves

17. "There Were Giants in the Earth"

18. Olive green with a coral undershirt

19. Judy, Penny and Will

20. "The Derelict"

21. Coffee

22. Mr. Noodles

23. "War of the Robots"

24. Space pie, space chowder and, of course, coffee

25. "Just you try. I'll wring your neck."

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Meredy's June Lockhart Trivia Mania


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