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June Lockhart

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June Lockhart

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1. What was the name of her character on Lost in Space?

2. What is her birth date?

3. What character did she play on Lassie?

4. What character did she play on Petticoat Junction?

5. In what film did she make her debut?

6. Her famous father Gene was born in what country?

7. What film was she in with Gary Cooper?

8. What film was she in with Judy Garland?

9. In what episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea did she appear?

10. What are the names of her two daughters?

11. In what science fiction TV show did her daughter Anne appear?

12. What was Maureen Robinson's scientific specialty?

13. On Lassie, was her son named Jeff of Timmy?

14. Who played her son on Lassie?

15. What actor portrayed her husband on Lassie?

16. What is the commonly known name for the theme song to Lassie?

17. Billy Mumy played the answer to Question 16 in what episode of Lost in Space?

18. What color uniform did she wear in the first season of Lost in Space?

19. Please name Maureen Robinson's children in order of age.

20. In what episode of Lost in Space does Maureen save her husband's life?

21. What beverage is Maureen's favorite to make and serve?

22. In "My Friend, Mr. Nobody," what is the name of Maureen's childhood imaginary friend?

23. In what episode did Maureen make new outfits for her family?

24. In "Welcome Stranger," what three food items are served to Hapgood?

25. In "Welcome Stranger," what does Maureen tell her husband will happen if he tries to keep the truth from her?

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Guy Williams and June Lockhart

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Guy Williams and June Lockhart

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