Meredy's Ann Jillian Trivia Answers

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So you've decided to cheat and take a look at the answers?

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1. January 29, 1950

2. Cambridge, Massachusetts

3. Babes in Toyland

4. Gypsy

5. Millie Ballard

6. The Twilight Zone

7. It's a Living

8. Cassie Cranston

9. Mae West

10. Girls of the White Orchid

11. 1983

12. A ghost

13. Joey Elliot

14. Mr. Mom

15. Ellis Island

16. Breast cancer

17. Alice in Wonderland

18. Killer in the Mirror

19. Portraying herself in The Ann Jillian Story

20. He was a policeman.

21. Original Sin

22. Ann Jillian

23. Andrew Joseph Murcia

24. Labor of Love: The Arlette Schweitzer Story

25. A veterinarian

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