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Tracy Granger, Miss Simmons' daughter, kindly sent me the following information and photos.

There are some bits of her life that make her quite special. I am e-mailing you some pictures of the house where she grew up in Golders Green which is in North London. Last time she came to visit me we went over there and the owners let us look around.

Jean Simmons' childhood home

Jean Simmons' childhood home

Tracy Granger, her fiancÚ Sebastian Saville and Jean Simmons in the backyard of Jean's childhood home

Theirs was the duplex on the left as well as a picture of Mum, my fiancÚ Sebastian Saville and me in the back yard of the house.

She was actually born in Crouch End which is not far from there. They were not well off by any means. Probably "lower class" in British terms. Mum learned how to "talk proper" when she went on to be an actress.

She spent alot of her childhood in this house diving under the dinner table with bombs falling all around during the Blitz in WW2. Her mum Winifred Aida Loveland (great maiden name!) was a very special woman. She said that if they were all going to die, she wanted it to happen at home. Mum was the youngest of the 4 children and since her mum sewed all 4 children's clothes by hand, she wore alot of hand me downs.

Our grandfather Charles Simmons (Mum's father) won a bronze medal in the Olympics for Great Britain in artistic gymnastics. He used to practice in the huge park nearby which was called Hamstead Heath. He died when Mum was just 13 years old from an ulcer, I believe. She absolutely adored him so that was very tough for her. She pretty much supported her entire family with her acting from then on.

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