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Jean Simmons Wallpaper

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To download FREE Jean Simmons wallpaper left click on the thumbnail and a large image [800 x 600] will load in a separate window. Right click your mouse on the [800 x 600] image and choose "set as wallpaper" or "save as" and choose a directory in which to place your wallpaper.

Jean Simmons wallpaper by Meredy  Jean Simmons wallpaper by Meredy

Jean Simmons wallpaper by Meredy  Jean Simmons in Spartacus - wallpaper by Meredy

Jean Simmons wallpaper by Neil Smith  Jean Simmons wallpaper by Neil Smith

Jean Simmons wallpaper by Neil Smith

Wallpapers courtesy of NEIL SMITH and Meredy. Thanks, Neil :-)
Please visit his site by CLICKING HERE.

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Jean Simmons Start-up, Wait and Shutdown Screens


Jean Simmons
simmonsstartup  simmonswait  simmonsshutdown

Your old screens are named logo.sys, logow.sys and logos.sys [start-up, wait and shutdown.]

Logo.sys is normally located at C:\logo.sys. To save it, rename it logobackup.sys.

Logow.sys and logos.sys are normally located at C:\Windows\logow.sys and C:\Windows\logos.sys. To save them, rename them logowbackup.sys and logosbackup.sys.

Now that you've backed up your original start-up, wait and shutdown screens, open the zip file you just downloaded and extract logo.sys to C:\ and extract logow.sys and logos.sys to C:\Windows and you'll be set :-)

If you have any requests for classic film/celebrity start-up, wait and shutdown screens, e-mail me @ .

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