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Lena Horne

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Lena Horne

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her birth name?

4. When she stayed with her father, she learned from what native Pittsburgh musicians?

5. In the fall of 1933, Horne joined the chorus line of what famous jazz music night club in Harlem?

6. Her first record was issued by Decca Records while she was a member of what orchestra?

7. In 1940-41, she toured with what bandleader?

8. She headlined a revue on the West Coast at what nightclub?

9. During a club engagement in Hollywood at the answer to Question 8, talent scouts approached her to work in pictures. What studio did she choose?

10. She made her debut with MGM in what film?

11. She sang her signature song in what 1943 20th Century-Fox musical featuring an African American cast?

12. She co-starred as the temptress Georgia Brown in her first and only leading role in an MGM musical. What's the name of the film?

13. She sang "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" in what 1946 MGM musical?

14. She sang "Love" by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane in what 1946 musical comedy film?

15. She wanted to be considered for the role of Julie LaVerne in MGM's 1951 version of Show Boat. Why wasn't she considered for the role?

16. She photographed so light in her initial screen tests that MGM was afraid people would mistake her for a white woman, so they had what makeup legend create a make-up line for her called "Dark Egyptian?"

17. In 1957, a live album entitled, Lena Horne at the Waldorf-Astoria, became the biggest selling record by a female artist in the history of what label?

18. In 1958, Horne was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her part in what musical?

19. She starred in her own U.S. television special in 1969 titled what?

20. In 1981, she received a Special Tony Award for her one-woman show titled what?

21. In 1989, she received what award from the Recording Academy?

22. She worked with what First Lady to pass anti-lynching laws?

23. Please name her two husbands.

24. How many children did she have?

25. When did she pass away?

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Lena Horne

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Lena Horne

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