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I was ten the first time I saw Henry Fonda in a film. In the pre-cable, pre-VHS, pre-DVD days of the early 1970s, Regis Cordic, the host of WTAE TV's Sunday Afternoon at the Movies, was telling me the background of the film that was to be shown, 1963's Spencer's Mountain. I listened to him intently and waited with great anticipation of the spectacle I was about to see. When the film began, I was not disappointed. Watching Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara and the rest of talented cast was a real treat, and I was mesmerized by One-Take Fonda and his titian-haired leading lady.

I became a fan of Mister Fonda's that day and continue to be one today. I've always admired his subtle, naturalistic acting style, his "cat-like" walk, and his bright blue eyes. I hope I can do justice to him with my tribute, Henry Fonda - One-Take.

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