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Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers of Hart to Hart

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Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner of Hart to Hart

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1. Who created the series?

2. What year did it premiere?

3. Who were the show's stars?

4. What were the names of the main characters?

5. What was the dog's name?

6. What did Jonathan Hart do for a living?

7. Did Jennifer Hart have a career?

8. In "Passport to Murder," how did Jonathan foil the crooks in the end?

9. Was Jonathan Hart, Jr. really Jonathan's child?

10. Mimi Maynard and Lee Wilkof portrayed what characters?

11. The Harts found themselves in a deadly weather chamber in what episode?

12. How many years did Jennifer say the Harts had been married in the episode "With This Gun I Thee Wed?"

13. Who was the murderer in "Downhill to Death?"

14. What classic Latin film star had a guest spot in the episode "The Raid?"

15. Who portrayed Jennifer's father?

16. Jonathan had temporary amnesia in what episode?

17. Jennifer is mistaken for her look-alike, Dominique, in what episode?

18. Jennifer is hospitalized and witnesses a murder in what episode?

19. Was there really a Jennifer Hart rose?

20. Jonathan is temporarily blinded in what episode?

21. Jonathan purchases the Harts' honeymoon bed in what episode?

22. The Harts reminisce about how they met and fell in love in what episode set in London?

23. Jennifer cries her heart out over a kidnapped and wounded Jonathan in what episode?

24. At the end of the episode "Max's Waltz," the Harts dance to what song?

25. What year did the series go off the air?

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Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner of Hart to Hart

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Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner of Hart to Hart

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