Meredy's Grace Kelly Trivia Answers

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1. November 12, 1928

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. Ten

4. American Academy of Dramatic Arts

5. 1949

6. The Father

7. Fourteen Hours

8. Amy Kane in High Noon

9. Mogambo

10. Clark Gable

11. The Country Girl

12. Alcoholism

13. Lisa Carol Fremont

14. Ray Milland

15. Dial M for Murder, Rear Window and To Catch a Thief

16. Rowing

17. Pulitzer Prize

18. Colombia

19. James Michener

20. Louis Jourdan

21. Prince Rainier of Monaco

22. To Catch a Thief

23. Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie Grimaldi

24. A car accident

25. September 14, 1982

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