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1. June 3, 1910

2. Whitestone Landing, Queens, New York

3. Marion Goddard Levy

4. Charles Goddard, her great-uncle

5. No Foolin' and Rio Rita

6. Samuel Goldwyn

7. Modern Times

8. David O. Selznick

9. The Young in Heart

10. Miriam Aarons

11. Scarlett O'Hara

12. Paramount Pictures

13. The Cat and the Canary

14. The Great Dictator

15. Technicolor

16. Loxi Claiborne

17. "A Sweater, a Sarong, and a Peekaboo Bang"

18. So Proudly We Hail!

19. Six - The Lady Has Plans, Reap the Wild Wind, Star Spangled Rhythm, The Crystal Ball, Kitty and Variety Girl

20. Goddard shared a room with the mother of actress Ida Lupino, who had quite a thick Cockney accent for a time, and learned diction from Constance Collier.

21. Unconquered

22. The Snoop Sisters

23. Edgar James (June 28, 1927 - January 9, 1932) (divorced), Charles Chaplin (June 1, 1936 - June 4, 1942) (divorced), Burgess Meredith (May 21, 1944 - June 8, 1949) (divorced) and Erich Maria Remarque (February 25, 1958 - September 25, 1970) (his death)

24. None

25. April 23, 1990 in Ronco sopra Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland (heart failure)

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