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1. Who created Guiding Light?

2. What date did it make the transition from radio to television?

3. Was the original name of the setting Springfield?

4. How many children were in the original Bauer family?

5. What was Bert Bauer's maiden name?

6. When did Bill and Bert Bauer get married?

7. What are the names of Bill and Bert's children?

8. What was the name of Mike Bauer's first wife?

9. What year did Bert find out she had uterine cancer?

10. What was the name of Mike Bauer's second wife?

11. What was Mike and Julie's daughter's name?

12. When did the setting change to Springfield?

13. Who was Ed's mentor at Cedars Hospital?

14. What was the name of Dr. Jackson's daughter?

15. Who was Ed's closest friend in medical school?

16. What dedicated female research MD joined Cedars' staff in the late 1960s?

17. Who was Ed's first wife?

18. What character had a heart transplant in the late 1960s?

19. What happened to Bill Bauer's plane when he was on a business trip?

20. Who plotted to kill Sara McIntytre for her money?

21. Who fell in love with and married Sara?

22. Who was Mike's third wife?

23. Who did Ed have an affair with while he was married to Leslie?

24. What was Ed and Leslie's son's name?

25. Who was Leslie's second husband?

This has been Guiding Light...

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