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Glenn Ford

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Glenn Ford

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his real name?

4. Did he grow up in Canada?

5. What studio signed him in 1939?

6. He was first teamed with Rita Hayworth in what film?

7. Who was his wife from 1943-1959?

8. What is his son's name?

9. He appeared in what Blondie flick?

10. He served in what branch of the service in both WWII and Vietnam?

11. Who was his co-star in A Stolen Life?

12. He co-starred with Rita Hayworth in what 1946 film?

13. How many films did he make with Miss Hayworth?

14. What was the title of his 1950 radio show?

15. He portrayed a courageous teacher in what 1955 film?

16. Marlon Brando was his co-star in what 1956 film?

17. He starred in what great psychological Western in 1957?

18. He was voted the number one box office attraction in what year?

19. In 1962 when he was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy Film for his role in what film?

20. He was the only actor to serve for what two famous service specialties?

21. He was inducted into The National Cowboy Hall of Fame in what year?

22. Name his two TV series?

23. What was the title of the book he wrote in 1970?

24. He appeared in what 1978 blockbuster?

25. The French gave him what award in the early 1990s?

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Glenn Ford

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Glenn Ford

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