Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford was a legend. A talented and versatile performer equally at home in both drama and comedy, Mr. Ford brought a calm assuredness to the screen and was often cast in roles that required the hero to show courage and grace under pressure. He was probably best known for his work in oaters and was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame by the Western Heritage Museum. While I enjoy Mr. Ford in westerns, my favorites are his work in A Stolen Life (1946) opposite Bette Davis, his acclaimed performances in the film noir classics Gilda (1946) and The Big Heat (1953) and his performance as a dedicated teacher in Blackboard Jungle (1956).

During his service with the Marines in World War II, he helped build safe houses in France for those hiding from the Nazis. Mr. Ford also served two tours of duty in Vietnam and is the only actor to have served with both the Green Berets and the French Foreign Legion. Among his numerous medals and commendations are the Medal of Honor, presented by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the French Legion of Honor Medal for his service in World War II, two commendation medals from the US Navy and the Vietnamese Legion of Merit.

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